Attwenger goes Dachstein

Concert at lofty heights

The cult band Attwenger has its origins as much in folk music as in the alternative band scenes of the 1990s. For the 2024 Capital of Culture, the duo is climbing the Dachstein and playing at the summit for the first time.

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© Patrick Rieser

Attwenger, Musicians from the Salzkammergut (Artists)
Wolfgang Schlag (Project Leaders)

Christian Haselmayr (Head of Programme Music, Youth, Community Building)
Marian Holzmüller (Production)

August 2024

About the project

The duo Attwenger from Urfahr near Linz is sympathetically unclassifiable. And they have been doing so for more than 30 years. Their origins can be found in folk music as well as in the alternative band scenes of the 1990s. On regional radio they heard a gstanzl in which the word “attwenger” appeared, they tell in their biography. With drums, button harmonica and the anarchic Upper Austrian Gstanzln, they conquered – along with their first recording in 1992 – a public audience far beyond the borders of the country. “I have no idea what it Às all about, but I like the general noise, a great deal,” John Peel, BBC radio legend, said of the duo. The poet Ernst Jandl added with reverence, “It’s simply concrete poetry”.

For the 2024 Capital of Culture, Attwenger will climb the Dachstein and play there for the first time.