Bäume (Trees)

A film by Bashir Qonqar

A film about the personal story of the Palestinian director and artist Bashir Qonqar, who had to leave Bethlehem and started a new life in Bad Goisern.

Subject to change
Bäume (Trees)
© Michael Körner

Bashir Qonqar & Maximilian Rosenberger (screenplay, production, direction)
Maximilian Rosenberger (camera)
Anton Burger, Christian Kappun, Bashir Qonqar (music)
Alaaeldin Dyab, Emily Schmeller, Gottfried Breitfuss, Magdalena Köchel, Jeni Szabo, Katrin Qonqar, Martin Styrer, Katharina Steggleger, Abdul Rashidi, Gerti Styrer, Saaba Ghanem and Roland Promberger (cast) (artists)

Christian Haselmayr (Head of Programme Music, Youth, Community Building)

October - December 2024

About the project

The director and artist Bashir Qonqar processes his experiences and explores traditions, religion and similarities between the regions.

“This project beings with my personal history as a Palestinian who had to leave his life in Bethlehem and start a new life in the homeland of my wife, Bad Goisern. The life in the Salzkammergut region gave me perspectives and energy that I did not have before and I wanted to learn more about the region. I heard the stories of the people – everything that I heard made the area even more magical and inspiring; at the same time, I noticed the similarities between the place that I came from and the place where I am living today. That is precisely what I would like to concentrate on. This project researches and discovers the similarities between Jericho and the Salzkammergut region and finds a point where these two locations come together. The mythologies, religion, traditions, legends and everything else that makes up this region will be investigated and presented”, says Bashier Qonqar


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