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Bus shelters made of prefabricated concrete elements from the past century do not make the use of public transport more attractive. The market town of Scharnstein is therefore presenting the prototype of a modern bus stop in the run-up to the Capital of Culture Year. Other municipalities in the Salzkammergut region have also already expressed interest.

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Future Office Municipality Scharnstein
Mag. Christa Öhlinger-Brandner (Project initiator)

Municipality of Scharnstein
Deputy Mayor Rudolf Raffelsberger
Ing. Gottfried Kahr (Project supervision)

HTBLA Hallstatt
Jan Barnstedt, Valentina Grois, Jan-Elias Kronberger, Maria Mayr (Diploma work team)
Mag. Stefan Öhlinger, DI Dieter Eder DI(FH), DI Dr. Günther Kain (Supervisors)

Regionalmanagement OÖ GmbH
Mag. Johannes Meinhart (Department Regional Future Design)
DI BArch Matthias Oltay (Department Regional Mobility Management)


About the project

Aging bus shelters made of prefabricated concrete elements characterize the image of public transport in the Salzkammergut region and beyond. Pupils of the HTBLA Hallstatt were invited by the municipality of Scharnstein to develop plans for renewal as part of an Agenda 21 impulse project.

Local craft enterprises transformed a bus shelter into a modern, attractive bus station according to the design of the young wood technicians. Scharnstein, together with the HTBLA Hallstatt, is now making all the plans, expert opinions and company contacts available to all other Capital of Culture communities – a contribution to making public transport more attractive in 2024 and far beyond.