What does it mean to be human? What does the Nazi era have to do with us and the world today? The project wants to encourage people to talk about the Nazi era, to listen and to ask questions.

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Association„Geschichte(n) für alle“, Tamara Imlinger, Barbara Rankl, Sylvia Ritt, Wolfgang Schmutz, Karla Schmutzer (Project Leaders)

Lisa Neuhuber (Head of Programme remembrance culture)

from March 2022

About the project

The project Damals? tests, researches and develops participative methods and offers in public space in the Salzkammergut in several phases until 2024. Talking about the Nazi era and the people who – in various forms – participate in the project are central to this. The work is process-oriented, diversity and polyphony are important. Questions are jointly designed and developed as well as meetings, walks, workshops and other mediation offers that set frameworks to encourage us to speak, ask questions and listen.

The association “Geschichte(n) für alle” (History(s) for All) was founded for the project and is to work beyond the Capital of Culture year. In an application process, three team members were found in the region, and now the team building process is underway. Interested parties can also dock onto the Damals? project by sharing stories, photos or objects, participating in events, booking walks, workshops and other mediation formats – for family, circle of friends, club or company. Other opportunities will emerge in the process.