Dear Evan Hansen

Musical Frühling in Gmunden

Associated project

It is one of the most successful international musicals in recent years.

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Dear Evan Hansen
© Musical Frühling Gmunden

Steven Levenson (lyrics, book)
Benj Pasek, Justin Paul (music, lyrics) Nina Schneider (translation)
A production of Musical Frühling Gmunden.

Sonja Zobel, Martina Rothschädl (Head of Programme Performing Arts and Literature)
Thorsten Schwarz (Assistance)


About the project

The teenager Evan Hansen suffers from anxiety disorders and is known in his school as a weird outsider. One of the many self-addressed letters that Evan is supposed to write as part of his therapy coincidentally falls into the hands of his fellow student Connor Murphy, who commits suicide a short time later. When Connor’s parents find the letter with their son, Evan pretends that he was Connor’s best friend. In doing so, however, he ensnares himself more and more within a web of lies. This is a moving coming of age story with a stirring message.