Eros of the summer retreat

Eros, the cunning god, reignites the passion for discourse.


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Schloss Orth
© Elisabeth J. Nöstlinger

Elisabeth J. Nöstlinger, wissensART-Producerin (Project Leader)

Simone Barlian (Head of Programme Visual Arts)
Teresa Kranawetter (Assistance Visual Arts)

März 2024

About the project

Eros, the cunning god, reignites the passion for discourse. What makes him strong is what makes others despair. But what makes us resilient?

Resilience is the power to overcome difficult situations, to stand up to impositions and insults. But who knows the secrets of not sinking in stormy times? Artists have the corresponding sensitivity, sense of life and spirit of resistance. With the power of imagination, creativity and the ability to live with uncertainty, they give the future a boost.

Review 2023

Eros is a cunning god. According to the ancient tale, he chases after beauty. Margaret Stonborough was also fascinated by this. On the Tuscan peninsula, she transformed the former temple of Archduke Johann Salvator into a magnificent villa according to her wishes and ideas.

She unconventionally arranged works from a wide variety of artistic styles. She was a multifaceted personality, as was her life. The diaries on display, letters, the memories of her grandson Pierre Stonborough and the numerous interviews along the story line, all go into this in the exhibition.

Much of Margaret Stonborough’s life and work has been forgotten.Now we are rediscovering it.Some things may have happened back then due to a lack of appreciation. But genuine appreciation can work wonders.”It activates our reward center and inhibits our fear center in the brain.This allows creativity, motivation and the ability to build relationships to develop in a very short space of time,” writes bestselling author Reinhard Haller.Will Eros achieve his goal with this ability?

In the course of the project “Eros of the summer resort” a Podcast series was produced by Elisabeth J. Nöstlinger (wissensART):

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