European Capital of Culture – and what do we get out of it?

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What is our added value of the European Capital of Culture? What will remain? What impulses are being set? In which direction can the Salzkammergut region be developed? Where are the boundaries? What challenges need to be overcome in the long term? The Competence Center for Nonprofit Organizations at the Vienna University of Economics and Business is researching these and many other questions. Since 2022, the research team has been supporting the developments surrounding the European Capital of Culture Bad Ischl Salzkammergut 2024.

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Population of the Salzkammergut
Contributors to the Capital of Culture
Vienna University of Economics and Business
Competence centre for non-profit organisations
Christian Grünhaus, Stefan Schöggl (researchers)

Christina Jaritsch, Tile von Damm (evaluation)

November 2024

About the project

The first rural-alpine cultural capital region in Europe has the responsibility to pursue the social effects of regional development with the help of art and culture. To this end, surveys are ongoing in the region. For example, young researchers are deployed to ask about noticeable developments directly in the field. Regional residents are important touchstones whose opinions and knowledge will be included in the evaluation study, which will be published during 2025. In focus group discussions, everyone can share their experiences with the research team. The report can serve as a guide and inspiration for future courageous rural regions. It will be made freely accessible to the public from 2025 and can explain the social impact of the future former European Capital of Culture.