Fête de la Musique

Vital street music festival

The Fête de la Musique, also known as World Music Day, celebrates the universal language of music every year on 21 June, the beginning of summer: in over 540 cities worldwide, this year also throughout the Salzkammergut, Upper Austria and Styria.

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Fête de la Musique
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Jakob Rodlauer (external Project Management)

Christian Haselmayr (Programme Management Music, Youth, Community Building))

in Cooperation with municipalities from Styria and Upper Austria, the Styria 2030 cultural strategy and the Upper Austrian KulturEXPO Anton Bruckner 2024

June 2024

About the project

Dancing and cycling together through the region, all day and into the night

The beginning of summer belongs to the “Fête de la Musique”. Every year on 21 June, music takes over public spaces in more than 540 cities worldwide – including over 300 cities in Europe. In 2024, the “Fête de la Musique” will make its way to the Salzkammergut and the musicians will temporarily reclaim the town centres, squares and parks. The “Fête de la Musique”, conceived as a free street music festival, has been taking place in Paris since 1981 on the initiative of French Culture Minister Jack Lang and is now held in almost all major European cities. The focus is on the initiative of musicians and music groups to spontaneously gather in public spaces and make music.

In cooperation with the cultural strategy of the province of Styria 2030 and the Upper Austrian KulturEXPO Anton Bruckner 2024, we called on communities from Styria and Upper Austria to join the “Fête de la Musique”. Anyone who wants to organise a music venue, play an instrument or present themselves artistically can take part. Music clubs, music schools, brass bands as well as amateur and professional musicians from all genres and genres such as beats by DJs, jazz, classical music, blues, folk music or country are invited to take part in this festival of music and make music in public places such as parks and welcome the summer. In some communities, pubs and cafés extend their offerings to include alleyways and streets that are usually left to motorised traffic. The communities of the Salzkammergut join together on foot or by bike and turn the “Fête de la Musique” into a regional festival.