Globalocal - Building the New

Shaping the rural Alpine region in such a manner that the usual north-south divide is compensated for and supplemented, that the labor market is enriched with creative potential, that works against the emigration of young, well-educated people in order to make a life in the countryside possible while still being networked and able to work globally.

Globalocal - Building the New

Shaping the rural Alpine region in such a manner that the usual north-south divide is compensated for and supplemented, that the labor market is enriched with creative potential, that works against the emigration of young, well-educated people in order to make a life in the countryside possiblewhile still being networked and able to work globally. This means expanding mobility and digitalization, developing strategies to once again make agriculture possible as a livelihood, combine land use planning and the development of a reasonable construction culture, creating spaces for education and art, striving for sustainability in all areas within the Salzkammergut region as well as beyond.
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Academy of Games

Marvel, Search, Recognise

An exploration of the paths between the sciences and the arts.

Fish culture and climate change

Acta Liquida is a transdisciplinary art project by three artists that draws a line between Lake Traunsee, climate change, history and memory, and thus to fish culture.

Building bridges in the Salzkammergut

School students, folklore preservationists and retired people will work with the General Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations in a variety of ways.

A museum reinvents itself

The Bartlhaus Writing Museum  celebrates the Capital of Culture Year with a series of exciting presentations and, as a project partner, opens the house to new perspectives and current positions from May to October 2024.

(Original title: Schriftmuseum Bartlhaus)

Work, Local, International

“Behind every fence gallery that goes out into the world from the Salzkammergut, there is also the labour of people who have come in from different parts of the world.”
Based on this aptly succinct statement, Alenka Maly’s film project looks at the history of migrants who contribute to the success of the celebrated Salzkammergut tourist region from the backstage.

(Original title: Hinter den Kulissen)

New space concepts for vacant properties

The Raumerschließung Salzkammergut is as complete a survey of vacancies as possible from a cultural point of view. The goal is to determine a comprehensive survey of vacancies in all 23 Capital of Culture communities, which has not yet been compiled in this curated form.

arts, culture and policies in Europe and Africa

Co-creation instead of colonial reservations: The Creative Europe project Deconfining arts, culture and policies in Europe and Africa builds bridges for a sustainable, fair, intercontinental cultural exchange and thus makes a contribution for the realization of the EU strategy for international cultural relationships.


Japanese people those aspects of daily life that they themselves often do not perceive. This is the aim of the project “European Eyes on Japan/Japan Today”, which invites photographers working in Europe to Japan.

What can we learn with the cycles of life in a school meadow?

The garden as an open learning space: until 2024, a place of learning will be designed in the open spaces around the HLW Bad Ischl by contemporary artists in cooperation with students, experts and initiatives.

Architecture and inner contemplation

Architecture students design and realize pavilions in Scharnstein on the grounds of the Center for Buddhist Studies, which invite you to find peace and quiet.

(Original title: Gomde: Orte des Wandels)

Inspiration for places worth living in

Engaging with construction culture means shaping the space that you live in a responsible manner. The goal of the project Lust auf Baukultur (Good mood for Baukultur) is to take part in making people aware of and enlarging a thematic network in the region.

(Original title: Lust auf Baukultur)

A personal experience in five days.

From your bathroom through a church, alpine meadows and stony deserts back into your daily life.
Numerous conversations with hikers, experts in futurology, church visitors and alpine pasture operators have resulted in a precisely composed audio piece whose tracks are assigned to specific stations along the way.

(Original title: Großer Welt-Raum-Weg)

Living in extremis

As part of the multi-part format, young people in dialogue with the region face the housing and living issues of the future and develop new impulses, perspectives and approaches with the residents.

(Original title: Hallstatt Denkwerkstatt 2024)

A symposium on rural Baukultur between Tradition and Innovation

Experts from architecture, the humanities, cultural and social sciences, the visual and performing arts, and the culinary arts will analyze and explore the potentials, connections, and interfaces of future-oriented building culture and applied practice.

A voyage of discovery into the world of tomorrow

In creative workshops, a play is developed with children that deals with nature, the environment, climate change and biodiversity.

(Original title: KinderUni Salzkammergut – Eine Entdeckungsreise in die Welt von morgen)

Building, living and practising together

How is community formed? What does collaborative work and design mean in the region? The focus of “KOKO” is the process-oriented examination of motives of community and joint action as well as the handling of nature, the environment and resources.

New perspectives for land use and spatial planning

The aim of this project is to stop land consumption and to show approaches for “land-saving” spatial development.

(Original title: Bodenschutz im Salzkammergut)

Communities and Culture On Screen

Under the title “Let’s live together! Communities and Culture on Screen”, KINO EBENSEE, together with CROSSING EUROPE, is bringing a multi-day international film show with film guests to the only preserved art house cinema in the Salzkammergut and is designing a practice-oriented outreach programme for young people aged 15 to 20 from the region.

At the “Marketplace of Ideas”, artists, creatives, entrepreneurs & politicians exchanged ideas about the submissions and the projects to be realized in the Capital of Culture year.

(Original title: Marktplatz der Ideen)

Smallholder approaches for the agriculture of the future

The community events at seven farms provide the framework for talking about diversity in farming culture and agriculture. Community living and life models or non-family farm transfers are addressed as well as queer rural life.

Workshops About Working With Culture

In the bid book, the strategy of people, places and program was presented. Thinking about these three pillars in a networked way is critical for supporting structures or helping to create them that will remain even after the title year of 2024 has passed.

(Original title: Der Baukasten – Workshops zu Kulturarbeit)

New Earth Species Think Tank

The New Earth Species Think Tank is an experimental architectural installation in public space.

Everyone talks about water!

An unconventional innovative mode allows for a climate conference of a different kind. Interested parties can curate their own visit and choose from different transdisciplinary expert positions per day.

culture salts 2024

A yodel out into the world!
The opening of the European Capital of Culture Bad Ischl Salzkammergut 2024.

A Mini Symposium

The 2024 Bad Ischl Salzkammergut Region European Capital of Culture, in preparation for this titular show, is putting on a miniature symposium with the Kirchklang Festival and the Agrarbildungszentrum Salzkammergut, the Salzkammergut region agricultural education center, on the topic of small-scale agriculture and its perspectives.

(Original title: Ochsenherz und Lavendel – Perspektiven kleinbäuerlicher Landwirtschaft)

A region tells its story

The special exhibition opens up a dialogue between regionally specific themes, which are now also contextualised and discussed in a European and sometimes even global context.

Plateau Blo. Space on the Lake

Research Station, Sauna, Space for Performance and Exhibition
With PLATEAU BLO, a floating island structure consisting of several platforms moves across Lake Traunsee during the Capital of Culture year.

A pop-up open-air cinema to talk and cycle along!

Since 2022, the Blickpunkte film festival has been travelling through the region, collecting, sharing and telling stories about people, places and ideas in the Salzkammergut.

(Original title: Blickpunkte)

one for all, all for one

With the European Capitals of Culture, impulses are set, models of the future are worked on and cultural developments are conceived with art and sent out into the world: it is a matter of the unifying visionary power that Europe, just like the Salzkammergut region, has and needs through cultural diversity. We are living in times in which Europe has to find its position in the world anew and, in doing so, it is not only a matter of shared rules, guidelines and bureaucracy, but instead much more about the question of the role of culture as a source of power that provides identity.

The Semester in the Countryside to Promote New Perspectives for Rural Europe

Students live for at least one semester in selected communities of the Cultural Capital Region Salzkammergut 2024 and deal with specific local research questions there.

Operetta - short and critical

Three 20-minute short operettas will be performed in the Lehárheater. The pieces refer to the basic idea and program lines of the Capital of Culture.

New connection with planet Earth

Welcome to the International Sole Spaceport (ISR)!
Prepare yourself for a journey that will redefine your previous experience of space and Earth.

art with salt & water

It was once called “white gold”: salt is a crucial element for the entire Salzkammergut region; even today it remains an important trade good, which leads some to prosperity and a few to richness.

Climate protection on a European level - artistic-cultural embedding

As part of “The Big Green Project”, theater houses, research institutions, art collectives and cultural capitals are joining forces to form a big green initiative that aims to accompany a climate change in artistic and cultural terms.

From the root to the vision

Storytellers from different countries in Europe will visit schools in the 2024 European Capital of Culture Salzkammergut region and tell stories in the oral tradition in different languages in a variety of different school levels.

(Original title: Die neue Welt des Erzählens)

The anti-utopia of a fictitious climatic health resort

What happens when landscape becomes a commodity – the place of living becomes a postcard – the Alpine idyll is exported out into the world as a promise of wellness?

A side trip into the ecology of the forest

The view of the landscape is sharpened, which has been strongly shaped by salt mining and industry in recent centuries.

The former factory building on the site of the paper mill in Steyrermühl serves as a venue for art exhibitions, artist residencies and encounters – with the history of the factory, the history of work, the present and the future. By 2024, the place will be brought to life through numerous cultural events and will subsequently become a permanent fixture in the regional cultural landscape.

Strong women behind the scenes in Bad Ischl

An interactive audio walk uses an app to connect the lives and workplaces of some significant – but in public perception underrepresented – female figures from Bad Ischl.

(Original title: Ungeahnte Kräfte)