KinderUni Salzkammergut

A voyage of discovery into the world of tomorrow

In creative workshops, a play is developed with children that deals with nature, the environment, climate change and biodiversity.

(Original title: KinderUni Salzkammergut – Eine Entdeckungsreise in die Welt von morgen)

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Kinderuni Steyr
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Didone Frigerio, Michael Pinnisch, Sonja Haider, Ernst Gottschmann, Ness Rubey, Oswald Reichel, Julia Schwaiger, Judith Markmann (artists and curators)
Andreas Kupfer, Madlen Schwaiger (Institute for Applied Environmental Education, Steyr) (project managers and project organisers)
Creative Days Ausseerland, Konrad Lorenz Research Centre Grünau, International Academy Traunkirchen, NATURSCHAUSPIEL (project partners)

Christina Jaritsch (Head of Programm Climate Change, Gender Diversity)

January - July 2024

About the project

As part of a participatory, cross-state project, a children’s theater piece is being developed based on a series of mediation and creative workshops, which will be performed together with children in Bad Aussee in the summer of 2024. The workshops will focus on issues related to nature, the environment, climate change and biodiversity. Children’s answers to these questions will be collected audiovisually and integrated into the play. The stage set and design will be developed and created in parallel creative workshops. The highlight of the project will be several days of preparatory work and the performance of a children’s play in July 2024.

In the project implementation, KinderUni workshops (approx. 10 in schools or on open dates) will be held for 6-12 year-olds, which are designed according to principles of inquiry-discovery learning: Own questions on topics such as regional Salzkammergut and global sustainability are developed and multidimensional answers are explored with the help of different methods (observe, collect, experience, …).

Professional artists then support the children in KinderUni creative workshops in the implementation of the play, in particular the stage design, video sequences and parts of the music are developed.