New connection with planet Earth

Welcome to the International Sole Spaceport (ISR)!
Prepare yourself for a journey that will redefine your previous experience of space and Earth.

Subject to change

Vereins HASI unlimited: Günter Hanninger, Mario* Sinnhofer (artists, project managers)

Eva Mair, Christina Jaritsch (Head of Programme Building Culture & Crafts)

27.07. - 25.08.2024

About the project

The world’s first combination of an 18 metre fulldome with a saltwater floating facility opens the window of opportunity for solar-autonomous space flights in Bad Ischl for a month.

Immerse yourself in highly concentrated salt brine and the silence of space. Due to the strong buoyancy in the body-warm brine, you will experience the immersive effect of high-resolution 360° space projections and the view of the globe from outside, in a state of weightlessness and deep relaxation.


All participants have the option of applying for the selection process with a short video directly after their space flight. The best SOLENAUTs of the day with the most impressive reports of their experiences will be invited to a free second flight at the end of August. Qualify here for future solenaut missions with HASI unlimited! Three selected TOP SOLENAUTS (M/F/D) will be presented to the public at a press conference after the final flight.