For the world I want to live in

Future lab

Associated Project

How can the next generation shape a world for themselves they would like to live in?

Subject to change
Energie AG

Energie AG (project manager/project organiser)
Reinhard Gattinger & Michaela Kalatschan (Energie AG)
Werner Pfeffer (creativity trainer/event creator)

Simone Barlian (Head of Programme Visual Arts)
Teresa Kranawetter (Assistance)

From June 28, 2024 along the Traunseetram stops

About the project

The project of Energie AG stimulates the innovative strength of young people and encourages them to think in new dimensions and perspectives. Creativity trainer Werner Pfeffer will accompany seven school classes as they develop creati vity and thoughts about the future and become acquain ted with the ways of thinking of the artists. The art works created in this manner will then be displayed subse quently along the Traunsee tram and will thus create a platform upon which the ideas of young people are made visible both regionally as well as nationally.