Gravity and Growth

Earth’s Gravitational Pull

Reflections for an ecological future.
Interdisciplinary art project in the Alpengarten Bad Aussee.

Subject to change
© Evalie Wagner, Thomas Geissler

Evalie Wagner (AT) (Project management and curation)
Merle Bergers (NL), Fanny Brandauer (AT), David Bröderbauer (AT), Richard Eigner (AT), Melanie Gandyra (DE), Miguel Sbastida (ES) (Artists in Residence)
Natalie Pürcher (AT), Hans Gigler (AT), Thomas Kranabitl (AT), Alexander Mrkvicka (AT) (Workshops and lectures)
Thomas Steiner, Anna Steiner, Liv Ceramics, Das Schutzhaus am hohen Camper (project partner)
NEZA Association (Alpine Garden Nature Experience Centre), Bad Aussee (project organiser)

Christina Jaritsch (Head of Programme Climate Change, Gender Diversity)

2023 - 2024

About the project

To what extent are humans part of nature and how can we help shape a sustainable world? The Alpine Garden in Bad Aussee is considered a jewel of botanical diversity. Especially at a time when landscape and horticultural knowledge are increasingly being lost, its importance as a place of recreation and mediation should be emphasised. In this project, it serves as a basis and place of longing for the scientific and artistic exploration of biodiversity, ecosystems, as well as near-natural future strategies and the relationship of humans to the pre-alpine and alpine landscape.

Artists in Residence

  • 17 June – 30 June – Melanie Gandyra, DE
  • 30 June – 5. July – Richard Eigner, AT
  • 19 July – 01. August – Miguel Sbastida, ES
  • 01 August – 11 August – Fanny Brandauer, AT
  • 11 August – 16 August – Merle Bergers, NL
  • 21 August – 25 August – David Bröderbauer, AT