Gravity and Growth

Earth’s Gravitational Pull

Biodiversity, ecosystems and nature-based strategies for the future – Artists deal with the natural space around the Alpine Garden Bad Aussee. At the interface of science and art, they explore the theme of biodiversity and the relationship of man to the alpine and pre-alpine landscape.

(Original title: Gravity and Growth – Erdanziehungen)

Subject to change
Gravity and Growth
© Thomas Geissler

Evalie Wagner (AUT) (artist and curator)
Merle Bergers (NL), Fanny Brandauer (AUT), David Bröderbauer (AUT), Richard Eigner (AUT), Melanie Gandyra (DEU), Miguel Sbastida (ESP) (Artists in Residence)
Supporting programme with workshops and lectures
NEZA Association (Alpine Garden Nature Experience Centre), Bad Aussee (project organiser)

Christina Jaritsch (Head of Programme Climate Change, Gender Diversity)

2023 - 2024

About the project

The alpine garden that is organized by the association NEZA (Naturerlebniszentrum Alpengarten Bad Aussee, or the Alpine Garden Nature Adventure Center Bad Aussee) is known as a gem of botanic variety and biodiversity. It is led with the scientific expertise of Anna and Thomas Steiner.

The project takes place at the intersections between spaces of yearning, science and experimentation as well as art and science. Particularly in a time of the loss of landscapes and biodiversity and threatened loss of knowledge regarding gardening, the great significance of this place as a place for recreation and communication must be emphasized. 

The alpine garden as a platform for experimentation and science should provide space for new approaches to topics such as gardening, art, biodiversity and there historic embedding. Positions will be negotiated regarding the extent to which human beings see themselves as a part of nature and how these insights can be used to shape a world that is fit for the future together.

Three to four artistic positions will work with the natural environment in and around the alpine garden Bad Aussee. Working at the intersection between science and art, the topic of the artistic research of biodiversity and the relationship of human beings to alpine and pre-alpine landscapes will be researched.