Acta Liquida

Fish culture and climate change

Acta Liquida is an artistic documentation of the water in lake Traunsee, local fish, climate change, historical events, memory and fishing. It is a project about fishing culture at lake Traunsee – processed, narrated and partially abstracte.

Subject to change
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Heidi Zednik (Curator)
Heidi Zednik, Elza Grimm, Siegfried Holzbauer (Artists)

Christina Jaritsch (Head of Programme Climate Change, Gender, Diversity)

May - June 2024

About the project

Heidi Zednik’s Filter Papers, which she collected for decades from the fish hatchery shelter in Altmünster, are a 1:1 impression of the waters of Lake Traunsee from November to March. During the breeding period, the lake water is filtered for the storage tanks. This leaves behind an impression of the changes in the weather, the currents, sediments and any impurities. Drawings and watercolor paintings are made at regular intervals during the breeding period on-site at the hatchery.

The installation “memories of an extincting kind” by multimedia artist Elza Grimm, will be a part of the exhibition “Acta Liquida” in the context of the European Capital of Culture Year Bad Ischl-Salzkammergut 2024. The audivisual installation addresses the change of species and habitats in Central European freshwaters due to climatic and other man-made changes. The installation is composed of several individual hologram and sound elements. The centerpiece is the projection of an experimental short film. The beauty and grace of the Reinanke serves as inspiration for the installation in form and movement. The fish species, which is native to Lake Traun, among other places, forms the leitmotif of the installation and is shown in 3D animations from different perspectives in various stages of its life.

S. Holzbauer’s multi-exposure polaroids and associative texts record a wide variety of processes and memories that are connected to lake Traunsee and its fish. It documents the facets of the Lacus Felix fish – in the lake, in the kitchen as well as in religious and cultural contexts.