Acta Liquida

Fish culture and climate change

Acta Liquida is a transdisciplinary art project by three artists that draws a line between Lake Traunsee, climate change, history and memory, and thus to fish culture.

Subject to change
S.Holzbauer - Stanglfische
© S.Holzbauer

Heidi Zednik (Curator)
Heidi Zednik, Elza Grimm, Siegfried Holzbauer (Artists)

Christina Jaritsch (Head of Programme Climate Change, Gender, Diversity)

May - June 2024

About the project

Heidi Zednik abstracts natural processes of the deepest Salzkammergut lake: filter material collected over decades from the Altmünster fish hatchery is installed, showing changes in the weather, sediments and impurities. They are complemented by drawings, prints and objects.

The audiovisual installation “memories of an extincting kind” by multimedia artist Elza Grimm thematises the change in species and habitats in Central European freshwaters due to climatic and other man-made changes. The installation is made up of several individual hologram and sound elements. The centrepiece is the projection of an experimental short film. The beauty and grace of the white vine serves as inspiration for the installation in form and movement. The fish species, which is native to Lake Traunsee and elsewhere, forms the leitmotif of the installation and is shown in 3D animations from different perspectives at various stages of its life.

Siegfried Holzbauer’s analogue photos, with multiple exposures, and associative texts record a variety of processes and memories associated with Lake Traunsee and its fish. His Stanglfisch installations thematise the impact of climate change on the fish of Lake Traunsee.

The exhibition takes place simultaneously in two locations. Heidi Zednik and Elza Grimm are showing their works and installations in the exhibition at the Aurachmühle, Neukirchen; Siegfried Holzbauer complements them with some of his photographs. The exhibition in Schloss Ort, Gmunden, shows Siegfried Holzbauer’s installations and photographs.