Academy of Games

Marvel, Search, Recognise

An exploration of the paths between the sciences and the arts.

Subject to change
Akademie der Spiele
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Konrad Lorenz Research Centre for Behavioural and Cognitive Biology, University of Vienna, Grünau im Almtal
Didone Frigerio (Project Manager KLF)
Leonore Leonardy (Curator)
Artists and scientists to be announced in early 2024

Christina Jaritsch (Head of Programme Climate Change, Gender Diversity)

September 2024

About the project

The Academy of Games was conceived of in the 17th century by the philosopher and universal scholar Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz with the goal of creating a space for discussion for everyone eager to learn. The research center of the University of Vienna in Almtal has placed its focus on conducting research into the behavior of animals and invites interested citizens to take part. Workshops will be offered here in which scholars and artists will work on interdisciplinary questions and projects. They are intended for students and interested parties working in all disciplines.