A climatic health resort

What happens when landscape becomes a commodity – the place of living becomes a postcard – the Alpine idyll is exported out into the world as a promise of wellness?

Subject to change
Nach Oben Kein Ende
© Anna Sophia Rußmann / Kilian Immervoll

Anna Sophia Rußmann, Kilian Immervoll, Pipi Fröstl, Manuel Riegler, Ralph Mothwurf (Artists)
Anna Sophia Rußmann, Kilian Immervoll (Project managers)

Simone Barlian (Head of Programme Visual Arts)
Teresa Kranawetter (Assistance Visual Arts)

September 2024

About the project

An anti-utopia to the climatic health resort Altaussee – a film art project.

“THE SKY’S THE LIMIT” sees itself as a film art project that fragmentarily tells the story of a young woman who, seeking deceleration and self-care, embarks on a spa stay in the Salzkammergut. The climatic health resort Altaussee becomes the motif of a thought experiment of a possible near future in which large investors live out their turbo-capitalist tourism fantasies completely deregulated and the Salzkammergut becomes the last retreat of the super-rich. Year after year – in the few days when the thermometer exceeds the 20 degree mark – the elites gather for the renaissance of the summer retreat to rid the body of the poisons of their neoliberal everyday life.

“THE SKY’S THE LIMIT” is intended to contribute to the discourse on the effects of hypertourism and the accompanying commodification of landscape.