The New World of Storytelling

From the root to the vision

Storytellers from different countries in Europe will visit schools in the 2024 European Capital of Culture Salzkammergut region and tell stories in the oral tradition in different languages in a variety of different school levels.

(Original title: Die neue Welt des Erzählens)

Subject to change
Heike Vigl
© Marion Overkamp

Naceur Charles Aceval, Sabina Haslinger, Alexandra Kampmeier, Richard Martin, Heike Vigl (Artists)
MundArt – Verein zur Förderung überlieferter Kultur in Wort und Klang, Christa Schmollgruber, Claudia Mohr, Sabina Haslinger, Helmut Wittmann (Project Leaders)

Sonja Zobel, Martina Rothschädl (Head of Programme Performing Arts and Literature)

June 2024

About the project

Telling stories from person to person is one of the oldest and most current cultural techniques in human history. In 2010, UNESCO added the tradition of storytelling in Austria to the list of intangible cultural heritage. What is important, is not only that a story is told, but also what it is and how it is told. Storytellers from different countries communicate their passion for this tradition to students through the Salzkammergut region. In doing so, language development, the access to foreign languages and literary understanding will all be supported. This playful experience will have a sustainable effect as glue cementing a living community together.