Curating Space

New space concepts for vacant properties

The Raumerschließung Salzkammergut is as complete a survey of vacancies as possible from a cultural point of view. The goal is to determine a comprehensive survey of vacancies in all 23 Capital of Culture communities, which has not yet been compiled in this curated form.

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Curating Space (vacancy survey)
© Elisa Schmid

Elisa Schmid, Simone Barlian and Gerald Priewasser-Höller (project managers)

Eva Mair, Christina Jaritsch (Head of Programme Building Culture & Crafts)


About the project

The Raumerschließung Salzkammergut is a survey of vacant spaces from a cultural point of view that is as complete as possible. The visualization of unused spaces, including outdoor spaces, becomes a voyage of discovery in the 2024 Capital of Culture region (23 municipalities). The core team around this project consists of artists and creative entrepreneurs with a focus on spatial ways of working. The discovery and survey of vacant spaces consists of different approaches to research, such as preliminary research via online satellite images for conspicuousness as well as immersion in the region and in direct exchange with the local population.

The goal is to identify a comprehensive survey of vacant properties in all 23 Capital of Culture communities, which has not been compiled in this curated form before. This will result in an extension of the already existing compendium of the working group from the preliminary research in Q1/2022 and ultimately a complete overview of the entire Capital of Culture 2024 region. In addition, the comprehensive presentation of the vacancy and spatial potential under the aspects of the European Capital of Culture 2024 and a cross-section of the building cultural legacies should help “municipal decision makers”, in regional development and especially art, culture and creative industries to an awareness of unused opportunities for spatial use and visibility.