Points of View

Pop-up film festival about architecture and regional development

Since May 2022 the Blickpunkte film festival has been wandering through the region, collecting, sharing and telling stories about people, places, ideas and visions from and for the Salzkammergut.

(Original title: Blickpunkte)

Subject to change

Marlene Rutzendorfer (curator)
wonderland – platform for european architecture (project sponsor)
CycleCinemaClub, Mies. Magazin, Ella Raidel (cooperation partners)
Mies. Magazin (portrait videos of cultural initiatives in Salzkammergut)

Eva Mair, Christina Jaritsch (Head of Programme Building Culture & Crafts)

May 2022 until the end of 2024

About the project

In films, discussions and audience talks, not only planners and filmmakers, but above all the residents of the region will have their say and discuss questions about potentials for rural areas and pioneering projects in social and ecological justice. The energy required for the events will be generated by power generator bikes in cooperation with the Cycle Cinema Club, in keeping with the spirit of the “Green European Capital of Culture”. In addition to the film evenings, the public is invited to participate in the project through workshops organized by Mies.Magazin (2022) and Ella Raidel (2023). Participants learn to record and represent their everyday life in the Salzkammergut on film. Workshop results are shown as part of the film program, as are the short portraits of cultural initiatives in the Salzkammergut produced by Mies.Magazin. The project started in Scharnstein with a first workshop “Unsere Freiräume!” with Mies.Magazin and the Kulturverein Mühldorf May 14/15, 2022 in the Treibgut in the Moserei, and a first film evening in Schönau 8, on July 8, 2022. Second workshop with Ella Raidel “Geschichte(n) erzählen” in June 2022, second film evening in July 2022 in Hallstatt. At the kick-off in Scharnstein, guests and visitors* discussed the future of the village in terms of traffic, dealing with vacancies and possible open spaces, and pedaled the Cycle Cinema Club with a lot of verve! The short film “Unser Wunschkonzert” (Our Wish Concert), which was developed in May 2022 in a workshop with Mies.Magazin from the Mühldorf Cultural Association, established a direct link to the location as part of a film program that traveled from Scharnstein to Halle Neustadt, Lviv, and Mexico City.