Market of the Future Salzkammergut

Focus on key issues for the future

Dialogue formats from art, science, initiative culture and activism.
Since 2020, the Market of the Future has been bringing climate culture to life as a multi-layered and exciting space for action – together with actors from the fields of initiative culture, science, business, civil society and art.

Subject to change
Markt der Zukunft
© J.J. Kucek

Stakeholders from the entire Salzkammergut 2024 region
Birgit Lurz, Wolfgang Schlag (project managers)

Christina Jaritsch (Head of Programme Climate Change, Gender Diversity)

June 2024

About the project

The market of the future is characterised by the question: What will it take to make the decisive leap forward into a climate-positive and climate-friendly future? How will we live in the future, how will we produce our energy and food? How do we strengthen social cohesion, what do concrete utopias and perspectives look like?

We invite guests from the fields of initiative culture, science, business, civil society and art to find new answers to these questions. The centrepiece is the Forum of Initiatives with over 60 designers with a focus on the Salzkammergut. The aim is to create a network – with the actors and initiatives that make a local contribution to global challenges taking centre stage.

The power of initiatives

The Market of the Future Salzkammergut is all about community. Many initiatives, individuals and associations in the Salzkammergut are already working on a sustainable future for the region. Their real utopias and visions show how a climate-friendly and social landscape and its people could look and act.

The forum of initiatives

The Salzkammergut Market of the Future invites more than 60 agents of change to the HAND.WERK.HAUS in Bad Goisern to spend a day exchanging ideas and informing the public about their projects. Workshops, an exhibition, discussions and music frame the packed programme.