Oxheart and Lavender – Perspectives of Small-Scale Agriculture

A Mini Symposium

The 2024 Bad Ischl Salzkammergut Region European Capital of Culture, in preparation for this titular show, is putting on a miniature symposium with the Kirchklang Festival and the Agrarbildungszentrum Salzkammergut, the Salzkammergut region agricultural education center, on the topic of small-scale agriculture and its perspectives.

(Original title: Ochsenherz und Lavendel – Perspektiven kleinbäuerlicher Landwirtschaft)

Subject to change

Michaela Jancsy – Mitgründerin und Bio-Gemüsebäuerin, almgrün – Gemüse am Fluss; Christine Pichler-Brix, Bio-Bäuerin in Steinbach am Attersee, Betriebsleiterin des Bergsimon Hofs mit großem gesellschaftspolitischen Engagement; Elsa Triebaumer – Blumenbäuerin, Ingenieurin für Garten- und Freiraumplanung, Mitgründerin von wildflorie, Subsistenzlandwirtin (Panelists)
Thomas Wolkinger, Journalist und Dozent (Moderation)
Attersee Woods (Artists)
Christina Jaritsch, Wolfgang Schlag (Curators)
Kirchklang Festival, Agrarbildungszentrum Salzkammergut (Cooperation Partners)
Christina Jaritsch (Project Management Salzkammergut 2024)

18.May 23, 4 PM

About the project

For this purpose, experts will be invited to an interdisciplinary panel discussion and, accompanied by music and regionally sustainable fare, the topics of innovative agriculture will be discussed. The goal is to support a networking of experts in this field and to raise awareness. This miniature symposium will prepare areas of programming surrounding the series GLOBALOCAL – Building the New and asks questions that are of great relevance both regionally and globally: how can an agricultural future work?  What contributions can cultivation methods that are in harmony with nature make to the preservation and support of biodiversity? Which innovative operational models will the next generation of farmers choose?