The Big Green Project

Climate protection on a European level - artistic-cultural embedding

As part of “The Big Green Project”, theater houses, research institutions, art collectives and cultural capitals are joining forces to form a big green initiative that aims to accompany a climate change in artistic and cultural terms.

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The Big Green Project
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Pro Progressione (HU) Sylvia Amann (inforelais) Art Transparent (PL) Bazaart Udruzenje (SB) Collective Walden (NL) UNESCO Global Geopark (RO) Interpret Europe (GER) Mache Teatro (IT) MitOst e.v. (GER) New Theatre Institute of Latvia (LAT) Rosendal Teater (NO) Sciaena (PT) Tillt AB (SWE) South Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (FIN) Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility Law, Economics and Policy (GER) Pina (SLO)

Christina Jaritsch (Head of Programme Gender Diversity, Climate Change)
Hannah Kickert (Production)


About the project

The Creative Europe funded project “The Big Green Project” is realized by the Culture together with more than 20 international partners*. It highlights green themes, both utopian and dystopian. Theaters, research institutions, art collectives, and cultural capitals are joining forces in a Big Green Initiative to artistically and culturally embed and accompany a climate change.

In our all-or-nothing decade, it is time for all sectors to act and contribute to climate action to strengthen climate security, resilience building, prevention and precaution efforts. All sectors should do their part and find their own path of sustainable growth. As numerous evidences show, there is a fundamental link between cultural practices and the greening of our societies. Culture plays a crucial role in driving societal change and fostering innovation. In this context, the cultural and creative sector (CCS) should play a leading role in the green transformation of our societies. However, the full potential of the cultural and creative industries to drive green transformation in Europe is currently not being realized.

How can the full potential for green transformation be harnessed and unleashed? How to enable change within the cultural and creative sector and how to in-spire change outside the sector? The Big Green project has brought together a wide range of partners from across Europe to find answers to these questions and to focus, align and amplify green transition efforts through large-scale collaboration. The long-term vision of the project is to transform the utility of the cultural and creative sector by promoting its new role in Europe’s green transition.