Transformation 4.0

The former factory building on the site of the paper mill in Steyrermühl serves as a venue for art exhibitions, artist residencies and encounters – with the history of the factory, the history of work, the present and the future. By 2024, the place will be brought to life through numerous cultural events and will subsequently become a permanent fixture in the regional cultural landscape.

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© Friederike Reiter

Verein Kunstfabrik4.0 / Friederike Reiter, Sonja Aigner, Elisabeth Stumpfoll, Marlene Elvira Steinz (Project Managment)
Victoria Coeln (Artist)

Simone Barlian (Head of Programme Visual Arts)
Teresa Kranawetter (Assistance Visual Arts)

2022 - 2024

About the project

The former factory building on the ground of the paper factory in Steyrermühl will be opened piece by piece for the population and for art over the coming four years.

There are still relics from the not-so-distant industrial era that can be seen there. With this project, we are developing and continuing the transformation process of the former factory building and creating utopias for a positive world of tomorrow using artistic means.

Alongside art exhibitions and artist residencies, it is most of all the different focuses on the history of the factory, the history of the work the present and the future that we are exploring and crafting with the inhabitants and the invited artists.

In doing so, it is important to the cultural association Kunstfabrik 4.0 that young people be reached by the project just as much as older people, that those interested in art are reached just as much as those who just want to meet other people and converse. By the year 2024, this location will have been brought to life through numerous cultural events and will become a permanent part of the regional cultural landscape.

In the summer of 2022, the photographer Felix Friedmann dealt with the topic of industrial culture in a contemporary and artistic manner using the medium of photography.