Modular Culture

Workshops About Working With Culture

In the bid book, the strategy of people, places and program was presented. Thinking about these three pillars in a networked way is critical for supporting structures or helping to create them that will remain even after the title year of 2024 has passed.

(Original title: Der Baukasten – Workshops zu Kulturarbeit)

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Der Baukasten Kultur
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among others Kriemhild Büchel-Kapeller (Office of the State of Vorarlberg for Voluntary Engagement and Participation), Elisabeth Pacher (Creative Europe Desk Austria / BMKÖS), Meena Lang (BMKÖS), Gerald Wagenhofer (Kulturerbesiegel Hofburg Vienna), Oliver Rath and Siegfried Kristoefl (both from the association Kulturregion Eisenwurzen Oberösterreich), Florian Walter (Klimabündnis Oberösterreich), Michaela Zingerle (IG Kultur Steiermark), and others. (Presenters)

Eva Mair, Christina Jaritsch, Lisa Neuhuber, Martina Rothschädl (Project Management Salzkammergut 2024)

January 2022 - June 2023

About the project

“People” involves the expansion and diversification of the audience as well as the targeted integration of population groups that have not taken advantage of culture offerings or only to a very seldom extent up until now. “Places” works with the idea of breathing new life into spaces (e.g. vacant spaces) and bringing culture to place that have not yet had a cultural usage.

“Program” is the vehicle that connects people and places: an offering of high-quality cultural events as well as the support of cultural forms that are not yet sufficiently visible within the Salzkammergut region. An expanded sense of cultural should be anchored witin the region.

In order to achieve these goals, investment will be made in capacity building, that is, the expansion and strengthening of capacities, alongside community building. In order to serve this, the workshop series Baukasten Kultur (Cultural Tool Boxes) that was planned beginning in 2022 with the association Kulturvision Salzkammergut will cover a variety of thematic points of focus and react to the specific characteristics of the region. The target group is the cultural workers who primarily work on a voluntary basis in the Salzkammergut region.

Amongst others, the points of focus for the series of presentations and workshops include funding opportunities on the communal, state, federal and EU levels, supporting the next generation in association, green events and more. The events will take place in different communities within the Capital of Culture region and will also be offered partially in hybrid forms.