Flood, 2024

The Declaration of Human Rights in light/visuals and sound

Flood is a dynamic projection mapping on the Johann Nestroy School building in Bad Ischl that the media artists Ruth Schnell and Martin Kusch have adapted for the 2024 European Capital of Culture Bad Ischl Salzkammergut. The facade of the building will become part of the spectacular animation whose visual basis is the text of International Bill of Rights, first adopted in 1948, which now comprises 30 articles and 17 additional articles.

Subject to change
Flood, 2024
© Martin Kusch / Ruth Schnell

Ruth Schnell, Martin Kusch (kondition pluriel) (idea conception, realisation)
Johann Hucek (programming)
Malte Niedringhaus (3D modelling / animation), Alexandre St-Onge (sound)

Maria Neumayr-Wimmer (Head of Production)
Marian Holzmüller (Production)

January/February 2023

About the project

The effects of climate change and environmental destruction are putting people worldwide, especially within the global south, into increasingly precarious living conditions. As a result, for example, the right to access to clean water was already recognized by the UN General Assembly as a basic human right in 2010.

In Flood, the text and images are interwoven with each other: from the letters and words that constitute both the current draft of international human rights as well as the most virulent results of climate change, moving images of landscapes, of water, as well as of the consequences of the overexploitation of the earth and its climate emerge.

First performance: “Lichtstadt Feldkirch” 2023