A project by Galerie 422

Associated project

With the frames project, Galerie 422 invites you to leave familiar territory and visit us in our branch in the centre of Gmunden from the end of March to the end of October 2024.

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© Jari Genser

Sevda Chkoutova, Jari Genser, Lena Göbel, Christian Eisenberger, Irene Hopfgartner (artists)
Marlene Poeckh (Gallery 422 – Margund Lössl)

Simone Barlian (Head of the Visual Arts Programme)
Teresa Kranawetter (Visual Arts Programme Assistant)

March - October 2024

About the project

With Sevda Chkoutova, Jari Genser, Lena Göbel, Christian Eisenberger and Irene Hopfgartner, we have invited a young generation of artists to join us in conquering a new space for culture. At frames, we temporarily put a business premises to an alternative use and create an immersive art experience.

As a special programme feature, an interdisciplinary discourse will take place as part of a series of events that will seek new perspectives in the examination of art. In this way, we are creating a new framework in which the enjoyment of art meets up with literature, psychology, culinary delights and sustainability in a cheeky rendezvous.

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