Global Home – Nature path

The Interplay Between Human Being and Nature 

A sculpture becomes a small-scale ecosystem that functions according to the plans and laws of nature.

(Original title: Global Home – Kulturpfad St. Konrad)

Subject to change
Herbert Egger

Herbert Egger (Artist)

Simone Barlian (Head of Programme Visual Arts)
Teresa Kranawetter (Assistance Visual Arts)

From January 2024
Kotbach-Wanderweg (Google maps)

About the project

A framework of wooden boards forms the shape of a house. The plant and animal world can move into this house. With time, the wood will become weathered and nature will take possession of it. The people of St. Konrad will decide whether or upon which degree of weathering the sculpture should be removed or not.

“Humanity is growing and it lives in symbiosis with nature. Where humanity spreads itself out, nature must give way or change. The proper degree of the use of natural resources will always remain a topic.
Nature will take possession of this sculpture and a drama of intensifying life will begin: the fauna and flora will gradually settle, take possession of THEIR house for themselves and occupy it. A small-scale ecosystem will result that will function according to the plans and laws of nature. After all, nature has time, it has no appointments, no business hours, no end. The human being remains outside as a silent observer.”

(Herbert Egger)