Hotel Austria. Welcome to the Salzkammergut

Museum of the city of Bad Ischl

If only the Emperor had known about everything that would happen in the area around Bad Ischl and the Salzkammergut region and how it is seen today!

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Hotel Austria
© Museum der Stadt Bad Ischl

Michael John, Herta Neiß (curators, project managers)
Irene Wögerer, Anton Strobl (project staff)
Hans Kropshofer (designer)

Lisa Neuhuber (Head of Programme remembrance culture)

from July 2024

About the project

For the occasion of the 2024 European Capital of Culture year, Stadtmuseum Bad Ischl, the city museum, will be reenvisoned. The museum is located in the former hereditary home of the Seeauer family, who worked in the salt extraction industry, and comprises three floors with a total exhibition area of 800 square meters.

After the founding of this health resort, the family of Archduke Franz-Carl and his wife, Archduchess Sophie moved into the first floor of the house in 1834. After the death of the archducal couple in 1878, the building was operated as Hotel Austria until 1982.

Herta Neiß and Michael John will conduct the content-related work for the redesign of the museum. The design for the exhibition will be solicited over the course of an open call by the city of Bad Ischl.

In terms of content, scenography and design, the reenvisionment will refer to the nearly hundred year history of the hotel and the appearance of the building as well as the specific history of the city of Bad Ischl and its surrounding region. The overall exhibition ranges from the Middle Ages through the Imperial period into the present and explicitly include the period of National Socialism as well as the memorial culture form of the post-war period. The team will work in cooperation with local institutions and associations, such as the Ischler local heritage association and the museum association as well as with interested people from the region in general.