Mrs. Thomas and Mr. Martin

Salzkammergut Special

Since they first met at Starmania in 2006, Martin Zerza and Tom Neuwirth have travelled from the countryside to the city.

(Original title: Frau Thomas und Herr Martin)

Subject to change
Frau Thomas und Herr Martin
© Lukas Feix /

Tom Neuwirth, Martin Zerza (vocals)
Die Pralinen: Lukas Klement – drums, Caro Loibersbeck – piano, Clara Loibersbeck – double bass (artists)
Duo Edlbauer Kuzo: Andrea Edlbauer – saxophone, Oksana Kuzo – piano (guest musicians)
Wolfgang Schlag (curator)

Christian Haselmayr (Head of Programme Music, Youth, Community Building)
Hannah Kickert (Production)

July 2024

About the project

Growing up in the countryside, the perception of his own otherness and the often restrictive village life, but also brass band music and tradition are formative experiences that Tom Neuwirth shares with his best friend from his Starmania days, Carinthian Martin Zerza.

Introspection, realisations, insights, outlooks. These flow into their joint variety programme “Frau Thomas und Herr Martin”, which they present with the band “Die Pralinen”.

For this Salzkammergut special, they will also attempt to explore musical genre boundaries and their transgressions together with the guest duo Edlbauer Kuzo – motto: “It works out anyway!”.