My favourite animal is called Winter

An operetta series in 5 episodes

An attack on nostalgia and repression full of laughter and melancholy.

(Original title: Mein Lieblingstier heißt Winter)

Subject to change
Mein Lieblingstier heißt Winter
@ Apollonia Theresa Bitzan

Ferdinand Schmalz (lyrics)
Lukas Kranzelbinder (music)
Ivan Bazak (stage and costume design)
Alexander Charim (director & concept)
A co-production with Oper Graz (co-production)
World premiere

Sonja Zobel (Head of Programme Performing Arts and Literature)
Thorsten Schwarz (Assistance)

World premiere October 2024

About the project

Franz Schlicht, a frozen food representative, sets off on the search for a vanished corpse in the middle of a heat wave. He encounters corrupt politicians and paranoid engineers, brutal ex-lovers and pathologists obsessed with death, a “deep state” below and alongside our reality, a macabre network, worse than any conspiracy theory. It is a desolate and comic journey through the rotting body of society, a series of maliciousness and corruption, the destruction of nature and real estate swindles, nationalism and perversion. It is an attack on nostalgia and displacement full of laughter and melancholy – a contemporary operetta in 5 episodes.