My Wardrobes

Female Joie de Vivre Up Until Old Age

The special exhibition is dedicated to the biographies of 25 women between the ages of 63 and 103 along various living environments.

(Original title: Mein Kleiderkasten – weibliche Lebensfreude bis ins hohe Alter)

Subject to change
Rote Handschuhe
© Christoph Liebentritt

Elizabeth Baum-Breuer (curator, project management)

Jana Lüthje (dramaturgy)

June 2024

About the project

The special exhibition is based on the study and the book of the same name by Elizabeth Baum-Breuer. An exhibition has been created from the study and the book that rolls out the red carpet for older women and places their life stories at the center of things. For the exhibition during the European Capital of Culture year, the ranks of the woman have been expanded and include biographies, outfits and outfit preferences as well as the thoughts and legacies of women who have cultural relevance for the Salzkammergut region.

Over the course of seven stations, the exhibition tells their stories, moving over clothing and memories, feelings and role models all the way to the variegated world of colors, personality and style and through different phases of life. The bridges to the present and the future will also be built along the topics of sustainability and upcycling. At the end of the exhibition, in an interactive part, the visitors will be invited to answer questions and introduce their access points to fashion and joie de vivre. Everything revolves around the wardrobes. One can, in fact, contain the richness of life. Alongside skirts, blouses, suits, jackets and co., there are also memories, associations and ideas that can warm us and make us happy in our lives like a soft wool jacket.

Elizabeth Baum–Breuer has set off on an exciting journey of discovery straight across all layers of society. With a fascinating combination of artifacts, items of clothing, photos, questions and biographical conversations, touching insights are created into the world of fashion in old age, far beyond clichés and taboos. The exhibition provides inspiration, stimulation and background information about the application of biographical work on the basis of the (allegedly superficial) topic of clothing. The resulting “fashion stories” are life stories, colorful sources of joie de vivre that remain accessible even in old age.