Europe's forgotten places

As part of the project, artists from the Danube region meet for workshops lasting several days. With the help of local young people and students, they work on exciting, forgotten or not easily accessible places in an artistic performance.

(Original title: Geheimnisvoll)

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Dejan Krstić (Novi Sad), Elisa Treml (Salzkammergut), Izabela Mašić (Novi Sad), Jakob Brejcha (Salzkammergut), Jakob Kinz (Salzkammergut), Judit Hamerli (Veszprém), Szonja Dohnál (Veszprém) (artists and curators)
Swantje Volkmann (Cultural Officer for the Danube Region), Donaubüro Ulm/ Neu-Ulm gemeinnützige GmbH (project manager)
With the support of the Baden-Württemberg Foundation and the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts

Martina Rothschädl (Head of Programme remembrance culture)

2022 - 2024

About the project

On the initiative of the Cultural Officer for the Danube Region at the DZM Ulm, an international art project is being developed in 2022-24 in which artists and young people from five cities in the Danube Region – including four European Capitals of Culture – work together. The project “Mysterious” deliberately turns to new methods and formats such as co-creation. 

During this period, temporary meetings of artists take place in the current European Capitals of Culture of the Danube Region – in Novi Sad (RS), Veszprém (HU), Timişoara (RO) and Bad Ischl (AT). The fifth city in this network is Ulm, which provides a European stage for the results of the project in 2022 and 2024 with the International Danube Festival Ulm/Neu-Ulm. During the project weeks, young artists from all art disciplines explore particularly attractive but little-known, forgotten or not easily accessible or invisible places in the city/region together with local young people and work on them together in an artistic performance. It is about special places with which hidden stories, legends or historical events are connected, or which contribute to a better understanding of the history, cultural heritage and present identity of the Danube region.