Poetry vending machines Ausseerland

Poems to take home

What we can pull in is what we should pull out. In the Ausseerland communities of Grundlsee, Bad Aussee and Bad Mitterndorf, the Ausseerland poetry vending machines are coming in May. An art project with Matthias Göritz, who also offers free workshops.

(Original title: Poesieautomaten Ausseerland)

Subject to change
Poesieautomaten Ausseerland
© Matthias Göritz

Matthias Göritz (Curator)
Franz Steinegger, Daniela Vergud (project responsibility)
Daniela Jeide (project initiator)
Woferlstall Bad Mitterndorf (project promoter)

Lisa Neuhuber (Head of Programme remembrance culture)

10 May to 4 October 2024

About the project

Why not simply pull a poem out of a poetry machine in between? Instead of chewing gum or condoms, the various machines “spit out” “fresh poems” or “even fresher poems” by contemporary poets and emerging poets from the region at different locations in the wonderful setting of Ausseerland.

The poetry vending machines will be set up in the spa gardens of the respective communities at the beginning of May and are intended to remind us that the past, in the form of the retro vending machines, decides the future through our daily decisions about what we “take in”.

The “Love from Austria” vending machine surprises with poems written by authors for Austria’s guest country appearance at the book fair in Leipzig, and a historical condom vending machine holds particularly “mountainous” poems written by 14 internationally renowned poets especially for this project. Each machine is equipped with 14 different poems that can be easily drawn for 50 cents each. Inspired in this way, you may also feel like attending the readings, workshops and literary festivals taking place as part of the opening or the finissage.

In order not to lose art, the basis of culture in general and of culture in Ausseerland in particular, along the way, not only are these poetry vending machines located in the communities of Grundlsee, Bad Aussee and Grundlsee, which also support the project, but workshops are also offered free of charge for the general public and for schools.