Salzkammergut Connected History

Salt as a continuous line that connects a region is analysed in yesterday, today and for tomorrow and made accessible without restrictions via web app.

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Hans Reschreiter (idea and basic concept)
NHM Vienna (project sponsor)
Georg Tiefengraber (Project management NHM)
Scenomedia: Andreas Scheucher, Hannes Coelsch (production and design)
Ilja Slamar (interactive production)

Lisa Neuhuber (Head of the remembrance culture programme)

May 2024 and following years

About the project

SALZZEIT wants to make museums in the Salzkammergut visible and create a publicly accessible space via web app (using a QR code) in which all museums in the Capital of Culture region can join together virtually so that knowledge and data can be exchanged in a modern and sustainable way. Just as salt has connected an entire region, the app should also help to connect it. Users enter a three-dimensional space via computer, tablet or smartphone and navigate through thematic areas such as salt, the timber industry, transport and folk culture, as well as through the museums of the Salzkammergut. In the process, the knowledge treasures are networked as 3D objects, films, animations, images and texts and linked to current topics. The virtual journey makes the treasures visible and makes you want to visit the museums in the Salzkammergut on site.