The musical salon

Salon Schönberg and Salon Wittgenstein

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Paul Wittgenstein

Benjamin Schmid, Ziyu He, Jeremias Fliedl, Ariane Haering, Matthias Schorn, Hermann Beil (artists)
Christian Hieke (Project Manager)
Salzkammergut Festwochen Gmunden (project organiser)
A cooperation with the Salzkammergut Festwochen Gmunden, the Exilarte Centre of the mdw University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna and the Arnold Schönberg Center, Vienna

Lisa Neuhuber, Martina Rothschädl (Head of Programme remembrance culture)


About the project

Salon Schönberg and his music

Arnold Schönberg was closely connected with the Salzkammergut throughout his life and spent many summers at the Traunsee. In addition to personal tragedies in his relationship with Richard Gerstl, the burgeoning anti-Semitism at the beginning of the 1920s will also be a topic. Music by Arnold Schönberg and his time will be heard in a chamber concert and experiences from this period will be presented in a reading.

Salon Wittgenstein and music

The Wittgensteins were talented in many ways and brother Paul started his career as a pianist. The outbreak of war in 1914 brought this to an abrupt halt, but even more frustrating was the amputation of his right arm due to an injury. Back in Vienna, he resumed his career despite the limitation and focused on works for the left hand. His own playing technique brought him back to the top. He commissioned the most renowned composers of his time to write new pieces for him, two of which will be heard on 16.6.2024 and Herman Beil will present the life of Paul Wittgenstein and his family.