Volxfest (Folk Fest)

The Art & Power of Celebration

VOLXFEST / Festivals, pop ups, exhibitions, dialogues, regulars’ tables, performance, workshops: A three-part festival that creates a mosaic of multiple affiliations through music, dance, costume, custom. Through the art and power of “celebration”, the Volxfest wants to open up an open culture of togetherness.

Subject to change
© Franzi Kreis

Simon Mayer, Irene Egger (Project Leaders)
Art in Motion und Österreichisches Volksliedwerk (Cooperation Partners)

Lisa Neuhuber (Head of Programme remembrance culture)

from Mai 2024

About the project

VOLXFEST invites its guests to experience their own relationship to local, national and global roots. As a project that celebrates the coexistence and interplay between contemporary experimental art (contemporary dance, performance, new music) and traditional forms of expression, Volxfest would like to make the idea of homeland tangible and able to be experienced from different perspectives. It is a three-part festival that creates a mosaic of multiple belongings using music, dance, traditional costumes and customs. Through the art and craft of “celebrating”, Volxfest opens up a new culture of togetherness.

The projects sees itself as a multilayered participatory project consisting of multiple modules (research, pre-events, Volxfest, post-events) and components of the Volxfest (pop ups, exhibitions, dialogues, regulars’ tables, parties, performances, workshops). A team of 8-10 artists will create a three-party celebration (Volxfest) together with people in the communities of the European Capital of Culture region (cultural and traditional associations, informal initiatives, music and dance groups, schools) under the titles EindidrahnAufdrahnand Außidrahn.


  • Celebrating, dance, music and customs in an annual cycle
  • Traditional costumes, dialekts, oral tradition
  • Generations
  • Diversity (beliefs, displacement, disappropriation)
  • Equality between the genders
  • Folk art, comfort and spirituality