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On the fourth farm visit in this series, we have the honour of visiting Simon Kienesberger, Pauline Kienesberger-Lahnsteiner and their two children Malis and Kilian on their farm "Starl" in Ebensee. Here we have the opportunity to discover one of the oldest houses in Ebensee and follow Simon as he works on the farm.

Everything is done by hand and full-time - how can you still make a living from it these days? How do you milk goats without a milking machine? And how is the raw milk then processed? How is an ox completely utilised? We will learn about these and other exciting questions on this farm day.

Simon took over his parents’ farm in 2018 and, with his many small businesses, is now his main source of income. His wife Pauline, a primary school teacher who is currently on maternity leave, found her way into farming through the “My farm – your experience” course. Together they run the farm almost exclusively through direct marketing. The farm consists of 6 hectares of their own land and 10 hectares of leased land. There is one billy goat and 10 dairy goats, 12-15 steers (Carinthian Blond cattle), 50-70 laying hens and 2-4 fattening pigs.

The day runs roughly as follows:

  • 08:00 Meeting point Ebensee landing site
  • Visit to the Ebensee weekly market
  • Joint manual milking on the goat pasture
  • Depending on the weather, a short hike from the alpine pasture to the farm (for those who have difficulty walking, there is a lift available)
  • Feeding of goat kids and fattening pigs
  • lunch
  • Egg collection from the laying hens
  • Processing the raw goat’s milk
  • Concluding together 

Max. Number of participants: 10 people
Participation only after registration by email to:
Please let us know if you require vegetarian/vegan catering or have any other intolerances when you register.
Bring weatherproof (work) clothing and shoes! A photographer will be on site to document the day. By taking part, you automatically agree to being included in the photos.

How to get there:

Train: Ebensee Landeplatz station, then car pooling
Car: Meeting point at the weekly market Hauptstraße 34, 4802 Ebensee,
Address of the farm: Schwaigerweg 44, 4802 Ebensee

Microfarmers Conference

The community events at seven farms provide the framework for talking about diversity in farming culture and agriculture. Community living and life models or non-family farm transfers are addressed as well as queer rural life.
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