Consultation hours Rederei Scharnstein

Fabian Faltin at Scharnstein Mühldorf railway station

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Bahnhofskatze von Scharnstein
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Fabian Faltin at Scharnstein Mühldorf railway station "for the cat"

Mourning speech by the Capital of Culture at Scharnstein-Mühldorf station
The Scharnstein station cat, a limping, purring, always trusting loner, spent many happy years in her little cat house on platform 1.
She was always well looked after by the loving donations and cuddles of many passengers. But since the end of April, she has disappeared along with her little house. Has she been called back to the eternal hunting grounds, deported to Pettenbach or perhaps even “renaturalised”?
The Scharnstein Rederei is moving into the station from 15-23 June to fully investigate the cat’s disappearance and give her a dignified farewell. Citizens are invited to share their memories, suspicions, hopes and other worries and concerns with community speaker Fabian Faltin during “consultation hours”. A loving memorial with a eulogy, for all interested citizens, for over 100 invited international guests of the Capital of Culture, and above all “For the cat”.
Consultation hours Rederei Scharnstein
15-16 June from 15h30 – 18h30
As well as by appointment:
Tel. 0680 210 76 68

Artistic eulogy of the Capital of Culture 
23.6, at 15h30 at Scharnstein-Mühldorf train station

No  barrier-free  access  (3 steps at the entrance) 
Traffic area of the OEBB – children only under supervision
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Salt Lake Cities

Regional empty spaces as places of experience and meeting points for art: the Capital of Culture 2024 invites young artists from Germany and abroad to research, live and work in these spaces and to activate them with artistic contributions.
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Bahnhof Scharnstein-Mühldorf
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