Salt Lake Cities


Regional empty spaces as places of experience and meeting points for art: the Capital of Culture 2024 invites young artists from Germany and abroad to research, live and work in them and to activate them with artistic contributions.

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Hallstatt - Entwurf Haltestellengebäude Ansichten- u. Lageplan
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Gerald Priewasser-Höller (Curator)
Celestine Kubelka (Production Manager)

Simone Barlian (Head of Programme Visual Arts)
Teresa Kranawetter (Assistance)


About the project

Train stations as vacant spaces?

Intact train stations are hubs, central locations of coming and going, deliveries and shipments; stories take place, happen, are told, unavoidable as well as casual encounters take place in a translation of experience. Using the train stations as residency studios for artists opens doors to spaces of opportunity for exchange, dialog and shared experiences for everyone and thus allow them to be places of a new purpose and encounter. Societal zones of negotiation have been changed and made more dynamic through the infrastructural development of the railway system. Traveling is a way to expand one’s individual perception, including, amongst others, along the geographical horizon. Local and international artists will become tour guides of movement at a standstill.

The Schloss Eggenberg Brewery has renovated two small studios for the residency program and these residencies will continue to cooperate with additional projects of the European Capital of Culture 2024: for example, the architecture symposium interventa Hallstatt 2024 or with permanent exhibitions of the museums throughout the region.