Infinitely large, infinitely small

Olga Shcheblykina at Kainisch railway station

21/06/24Friday, 14:00 - 19:00further appointments Bahnhof KainischKainisch 42, 8984 Bad Mitterndorf
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Olga Shcheblykina
© Olga Shcheblykina


Olga Shcheblykina works at Kainisch railway station

Olga Shcheblykina explores the tension between sensitivity and cruelty and the ways in which we transform ourselves and our environment.
This work “Infinitely Large, Infinitely Small” continues a series on the intricacies of perception and the complexity of the human condition through personal experiences of self-transformation and feminism.
 Based on her research into human cruelty and fear, she uses colour and fabric to transform loneliness and fear into decorative forms. At Kainisch station, new experimental works are created in collaboration with Andreas Schild, who runs a painting centre in the neighbourhood of the station.

Accessible access 
OEBB transport area – children only under supervision
Public toilet   

Salt Lake Cities

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Bahnhof Kainisch
Kainisch 42, 8984 Bad Mitterndorf


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