Hans Ostapenko at Bad Aussee railway station

19/07/24Friday, 14:00 - 19:00further appointments Bahnhof Bad AusseeBahnhofstraße 61, 8990 Bad Aussee
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Hans Ostapenko works at Bad Aussee railway station

Hans Ostapenko:
Working with space,
As host and guest at the same time,
Creating a spatial experience,
an exhibition as an automatic event, as if by itself,
A museum as a desired goal,
as a challenge, as an ideal.
Encounter as real potential,
encounter as an eventuality,
In the present and in the future,
Whether we wish it for ourselves or for others,
Whether we have already experienced it or will experience it,
Whether we dream or hope that it is a dream.

No barrier-free access  
Traffic area of the ÖBB – children only under supervision
Public toilet

Salt Lake Cities

Regional empty spaces as places of experience and meeting points for art: the Capital of Culture 2024 invites young artists from Germany and abroad to research, live and work in these spaces and to activate them with artistic contributions.
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Sharing Salzkammergut – Die Kunst des Reisens

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Bahnhof Bad Aussee
Bahnhofstraße 61, 8990 Bad Aussee


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