27/05/24Monday, 14:00Duration 5hBahnhof Traunkirchen OrtAlte Post 7, 4801 Traunkirchen
Free entryOpen only on request
© Xenia Lesniewski


The “Traunkirchen Ort” railway station, remote from the actual town of Traunkirchen, serves as a backdrop and performance space for artist Xenia Lesniewski and her doomsday bar “APOCALYPSO”.

Surrounded by the picturesque landscape of Lake Traunsee and the majestic Alps, visitors enter the listed railway station without realising what awaits them. Hidden behind an inconspicuous façade is the “APOCALYPSO” – a bar that not only offers physical protection, but also mental stimulation in times of disorientation.

The site-specific environment includes a hidden panic room bar with bottle objects, light boxes, a drinks menu and hand-engraved glasses. Here, visitors can enjoy a glass of PANIC, CHANGE or HOPE and relax in a supposedly protected atmosphere.

The “APOCALYPSO” offers the perfect ambience to deal with existential threats and uncertainties and to indulge in mixed feelings. The APOCALYPSO will be on view until June 9th 2024 for individual visits by appointment. Please get in touch with:
The installation can be viewed through the windows of the station building outside of the individually arranged visits.

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Bahnhof Traunkirchen Ort
Alte Post 7, 4801 Traunkirchen