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What does the living of the future look like in rural areas? Ways of working and living have changed and the challenges associated with this are different: it is a matter of affordability, of the sharing of resources, of supporting each other in everyday life, the rethinking of classic forms of living and about coming to terms with silent reserves. During the European Capital of Culture, the RURASMUS Research Institute will invite students to explore the topic of living with new perspectives and transformation processes in rural space in selected communities throughout the region.

The cultural capital Ebensee looks back on a rich history, which is inextricably linked to the establishment of the salt works in 1607. For a long time, Marktgasse was the main shopping street and therefore not only the commercial centre of Ebensee, but also the social centre due to its high density of inns. Together with the Soleweg behind it (which runs along the former brine pipeline), it was also the most important link between the Traunbrücke bridge and the Steinerner Brücke bridge. The older generation still remembers the time when Marktgasse was the vibrant centre of Ebensee. However, this has changed over the course of history due to infrastructural changes. The inns died, the retail businesses closed and left behind a place that is characterised above all by its high proportion of vacancies.

To revitalise Marktgasse, workshops and events are being held in which interested citizens can get involved. The workshops will be led by our RURASMUS student Tanja Stapelbroek, who will focus on approaches to using this gem in the centre of the Salinengemeinde.


Students live for at least one semester in selected communities of the Cultural Capital Region Salzkammergut 2024 and deal with specific local research questions there.
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