Drifts – sound walks

Gletschermühlen (circular route)

11/08/24Sunday, 10:30 - 12:30Gößler Strandbad GrundlseeGößl 231, 8993 Grundlsee
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Gletschermühlen (circular route)
This moderately difficult tour (compared to the other Drifts walks) starts and ends at the "Gößl Strandbad" bus stop (circular route) and takes around 2 hours. Although we stay in the valley on this tour, good footwear is recommended. Participants must provide their own refreshments (especially water).

Sound walks where you are invited to experience the region around the three lakes Grundlsee, Toplitzsee and Kammersee with different ears.

In their residency in Gößl, the artist duo friendly.organisms aka Till Bovermann and Katharina Hauke investigated both natural and technical sounds of the Salzkammergut with regard to the geological, biological and historical characteristics of the region.

They focus here on “drifts” – passive, subliminal forms of movement that take place on different temporal scales: from geological formation to contemporary transport.

Friendly.organisms invites you on the tours offered here to engage with the sound shifts they have investigated and imagined at various stations around the three lakes in the form of listening sessions and live performances.

Water Sound Flows

Thomas Grill and his team connect the places of the region by presenting the sounds of water in different forms, using various artistic strategies.
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Gößler Strandbad Grundlsee
Gößl 231, 8993 Grundlsee