European Peace Ride 2024

Start of the EPR 2024 in Bad Ischl - Salzkammergut

13/09/24Friday, 09:00 - 10:00Kurpark Bad IschlWirerstraße, 4820 Bad Ischl
Participation free of charge
Registration required
European Peace Ride
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Bad Ischl will be the starting point of the peloton towards Chemnitz. The 200 - 250 strong group of cyclists (50 of them from the Salzkammergut) will ride from Bad Ischl via the Czech Republic to Chemnitz and complete a "relay handover" between the European Capitals of Culture.
200 cyclists and 50 guests from Chemnitz will travel by train to Bad Ischl to start the journey together from there. The European Capital of Culture is organising the come together, the cultural event and the start in Bad Ischl. Tickets for the European Peace Ride have already been allocated.

You can still be part of this great event and set an example for peace and social cohesion! The AUSTRIAN PEACE RIDE joins the peleton of 200 cyclists as far as Linz (28-30 km/h) and is therefore also suitable for amateur cyclists. Whether on a gravel bike, road bike, e-bike, tandem or three-wheeled bike - everyone is welcome! 

Either you keep the speed of the Peace Ride peleton (28-30 km/h) or ride to Linz at your own pace - the Peace Ride is not a race, but a shared ride!


The Peace Ride is not a competition, but instead an encounter and exchange on an international level. The International Peace Ride was the most highly regarded amateur cycling event behind the Iron Curtain. The European Capital of Culture Chemnitz 2025 brings the peace ride back to life as a bicycle culture event.
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Kurpark Bad Ischl
Wirerstraße, 4820 Bad Ischl