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Adriana Torres Topaga at Bad Aussee railway station

28/06/24Friday, 14:00 - 19:00Bahnhof Bad AusseeBahnhofstraße 61, 8990 Bad Aussee
Free entry
Rufzeichen (!)


Adriana Torres Topaga works with BIS SPARTA project staff at Bad Aussee railway station.

Adriana Torres Topaga works with project collaborators from “BIS SPARTA” on questions such as:
How does the way we discover places through our movements influence our understanding of the world we are surrounded by? What does it trigger in each of us?  What can we contribute to the preservation and care of life?  What ethical pillars exist for our actions?
These questions guide the planned interventions of the project Rufzeichen (!) in the SPARTA premises and in the public space of Bad Aussee railway station.
These questions invite people to adopt ways of looking at things, to engage with their own spatial environment and the paradigms of perception. In artistic interventions at the BAD AUSSEE railway station, different approaches are visualised and set in relation to one another using various media such as graphics, spatial and furniture interventions and, where appropriate, performances and installations. With different spatial interventions, such as the transformation of the former tobacconist’s in the waiting hall into a call sign incubator, ideas that evoke a pause or a change in orientation and habits. As symbols, the call signs are able to connect spaces of different uses, trigger reflections, assemble forms, create portals and materialise intentions that are guided by an inner compass of conscience, ethics or intuition.

Continuously visible from 29.06 to 25.09 at Bad Aussee station in the former tobacconist’s and the benches in the public area. 

No barrier-free access  
Traffic area of the ÖBB – children only under supervision
Public toilet

Salt Lake Cities

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Bahnhof Bad Aussee
Bahnhofstraße 61, 8990 Bad Aussee