Excursion: “Renaturation of moor areas and “Traditional alpine farming with a future”.

06/09/24Friday, 00:00 - 00:00Woferlstall Bad MitterndorfKurpark 1, 8983 Bad Mitterndorf
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The "Future Stage Hinterberg", coordinated and supervised by Günther Marchner, with the support of Karin Hochegger and Kerstin Böck, focuses on "New perspectives for rural regions beyond the mainstream". It goes in search of traces of future potentials and innovative approaches in the region - with a view to general as well as European developments: With a public dialogue series, a summer school for students in cooperation with the University of Salzburg as well as a visit rally and an excursion to future-oriented projects.

Visit rallies and excursions to future initiatives in the community and region: The tour includes two focal points, each with two date offers with a maximum of 25 participants (interested parties are cordially invited by registration)

Excursion: “Renaturation of moorland and “Traditional alpine farming with a future” on 6 and 7 September 2024

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Woferlstall Bad Mitterndorf
Kurpark 1, 8983 Bad Mitterndorf

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