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Away from the bodice - towards the bodice

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Zwischen Zeiten und Künsten
© Rudolf Jobst (1908)


Margret Stonborough-Wittgenstein organised numerous high-calibre music evenings at Villa Toscana. Her parents had already practised this in the Vienna of her childhood. What an intimate relationship between the Wittgenstein family and music runs through their history, and what links Paul Wittgenstein, who became famous as a "one-handed pianist", with Gmunden? 


3rd Salon: The Wittgenstein family and music
Friday, 14 June 2024, 18:00                
Lectures and music Saturday, 15 June 2024, 18:00              
Concert and reading Sunday, 16 June 2024, 19:30 (Sold Out!)            

In 2024, Villa Toscana will once again become a place where the “good people” of the past can meet the “good people” of the present, rub shoulders with them and be inspired – a place for exhibitions, performances and salons. A network hub for art and science, history and the present.


In the eye of the artist
Vernissage 23 March, 18:30
24 March – 7 April, Friday to Sunday, 11:00 – 17:00
The Wiesenthal sisters, Margaret Stonborough-Wittgenstein and Emilie Flöge. Children’s exhibition “Ludwig and the Rhinoceros”

Away from the bodice – towards the bodice
26 April – 16 June 2024, Friday to Sunday, 11:00 – 17:00
Emilie Flöge, fashion and the liberation of women
Children’s exhibition “Ludwig and the rhinoceros”

Three themes and three internationally renowned women with a connection to the Salzkammergut take centre stage: Grete Wiesenthal, who revolutionised dance and led it into the modern age, Emilie Flöge, who gave women the air to breathe in her fight against the bodice in order to promote women’s liberation, and the lady of the house, Margaret Stonborough-Wittgenstein, who turned Villa Toscana into a network centre of modernity thanks to her diverse talents. All three women were portrayed by Gustav Klimt, which was scientifically analysed in the “Second International Klimt Symposium” of the Klimt Foundation, organised in cooperation with the European Capital of Culture Bad Ischl 2024. 

Visual artists from the “world of yesterday” such as Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka, Erwin Lang, Charles Lucien Leandre and Moriz Nähr are juxtaposed with contemporary positions on Ludwig Wittgenstein and the phenomenon of summer holidays in the Salzkammergut. The Viennese artist Nikolaus Gansterer, the Colombian artist Monika Naranjo Uribe, the Viennese media artist Sylvia Eckermann, the Upper Austrian artist Petra Zechmeister and the Upper Austrian painter and installation artist Gerhard Gutenberger as well as the Spanish fashion designer Claudia Druy show that the examination of the period around 1900 still leads to great art today and provides important insights for our present.

In the children’s exhibition “Ludwig and the Rhinoceros”, the children’s book of the same name by Noemi Schneider and Golden Cosmos is made accessible and an idea from Ludwig Wittgenstein’s philosophy is colourfully visualised.

As part of the exhibition, “Salons” will take place over three weekends, in which the exchange of ideas, dance, theatre and music will be brought back to life as in the famous societies of the Wittgenstein family.
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