Fête de la Musique – Scharnstein

Everything is music: for each other, with each other

21/06/24Friday, 16:00Duration 6hScharnstein, 4644 Scharnstein
Free entry
Fête de la musique
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With the Fête de la Musique, music takes over public space in more than 540 cities around the world each year on June 21 – with more than 300 of them located in Europe. The Fête de la Musique will make a stop in the Salzkammergut region in 2024.

The free music festival will take place on 21 June in Scharnstein, Viechtwang and Mühldorf from 4 – 10 pm at several venues – whatever the weather. Visitors can spontaneously join the choirs and music groups and sing and make music together.

→16-18 h: Members of the LMS

Gasthaus Silmbroth
→18-19 h: Sara Briedl – Karaoke
→19-22 h: RAT Big Band

Pfarrkirche Viechtwang
→ 16:30-17:45 h: Church Choir Viechtwang, Church Choir Scharnstein, Berthold Choir Scharnstein, Johannes Kronegger, Kablüs – the cactus flowers, Sara Briedl

Autodiele Klaushofer
→ 18-21 h: Marktmusik Redtenbacher

→ 17:30-19:30 h: Ortsmusik Viechtwang
→ 20-22 h: Band Your gorgeous self

Pizzeria Wegscheider
→ 18-21 h: Gerstl-Musi 

We would like to see the greatest possible reduction in motorised private transport and the activation of bicycle culture as well as visits to several venues! 
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Sharing Salzkammergut – Die Kunst des Reisens, Globalokal – Building the New

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, 4644 Scharnstein