Folk dance & hip hop – the healing power of community!

Dance workshop with Farah Deen & Katharina Oberhauser

09/06/24Sunday, 18:00Duration 2hNarzissendorf ZloamArchkogl 188, 8993 Grundlsee
Volkstanz & Hip Hop
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Dance workshop with Farah Deen & Katharina Oberhauser

In the workshop with Farah Deen (professional hip hop & house dancer) & Katharina Oberhauser (leader of the Altaussee folk dance group) you can experience the lowest common denominator of Austrian folk dances and hip hop up close: The healing power of a community!

In addition to various folk dances in a circle and in pairs, such as the Styrian or the Landler, you will also learn simple social dances from hip hop and look for similarities and parallels. What connects us? What strengthens us as a community? How can we as a community create a safe space for everyone?
In the end, it’s about having fun together and experiencing the physical connection to yourself, as a couple or as a collective in a circle in a creative exchange! Join us and be inspired by different dance cultures and their music!

Registration at:, workshop fee € 30, the workshop is free if you take part in the Volxfest. Discounts for students, pupils, senior citizens, military service…


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Narzissendorf Zloam
Archkogl 188, 8993 Grundlsee
Students, pupils, senior citizens, military service...,